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GEDmatch reverses course — The Legal Genealogist

Law enforcement matching now opt-in only Informed consent is the essential underpinning of ethical DNA testing and results-sharing. All persons who test have the right to make their own individual choices about testing and about the uses to which their … Continue reading

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My Take on FamilyTree DNA and GEDmatch Law Enforcement Policies

Standard Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and any comments I post are not intended, nor should they be construed, as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a legal expert who is familiar with the area of … Continue reading

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How to Create a DNA Superkit for DNA Test Results – A Segment of DNA YouTube Video

I have tested at 23andMe, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), AncestryDNA, and Geno 2.0 as well as transferring my results to WeGene, DNA.Land, LivingDNA, and MyHeritageDNA. I haven’t tried this yet, but it sounds interesting – How to Create a DNA Superkit … Continue reading

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Horseshoes and Hand Grenades — The DNA Geek

Almost. Family Tree DNA almost got it right. In late January 2019, we learned that FTDNA had quietly changed their Terms of Service at least a month before without notifying their customers. The December ToS allowed any law enforcement agent, … Continue reading

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RootsFinder DNA Tools

Updated February 23, 2019 after a comment made by one of the RootsFinder team: RootsFinder DNA Tools group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/205093263417577/ and RootsFinder YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxlfj_6Qy8_BMZBJEbPn9Ncy5f9qKV78t. Big thank you for the update from RootsFinder. I somehow missed this in my … Continue reading

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Commercial researchers gain FTDNA access — The Legal Genealogist

Bode Technology using FTDNA matching system The news about police access to the DNA matching system at Family Tree DNA just keeps getting worse. First, it was that, under an agreement with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a few crime … Continue reading

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Looking at the alternatives — The Legal Genealogist

DNA companies take a stand on police access The news that Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) had allowed law enforcement to submit crime scene samples into its testing database to search for the identities of suspects without a court order has … Continue reading

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My GEDmatch Admixture Results

Updated April 12, 2019: Added Tags. Update March 17, 2018: For the GEDmatch Admixture results, the numbers usually refer to percent of DNA from each region.  However, each Admixture test is geared towards a specific ethnicity or region so they … Continue reading

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First Comparison of 23andMe v4 and v3 Chips

CeCe Moore reported on her blog the first comparison I have seen between 23andMe’s v3 and v4 chips. http://www.yourgeneticgenealogist.com/2013/12/23andme-releases-sample-of-their-new-v4.html  It has been a concern over how 23andMe’s v4 chip would compare. The company admitted the new chip was looking at … Continue reading

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