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BIG Y Results, Whereforth Art Thou?

For those who don’t know me, I believe poor customer service is unnecessary and it usually happens because people are willing to tolerate it. Amazing how fast a company improves its customer service when enough people make it clear they … Continue reading

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FTDNA 18 Jan 2014 Update

FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) posted updates today. The updates are mostly for X-Matching. Here’s a screenshot from My Account. I didn’t see an update notice on the FTDNA forums when I checked a few minutes ago.  

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AncestryByDNA Teams Up with FindMyPast

I came across this article about AncestryByDNA teaming up with FindMyPast. This is NOT AncestryDNA, but AncestryByDNA, a different company. The Paternal test shown on their website only has 16 STRs. Their Maternal test says it tests all three HVR … Continue reading

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BIG Y, The Journey Continues, Part 3

Update on results. Between Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, my kit moved out of the Quality Control stage. It appears to have passed that check point and is slowly making it way through the next round of testing. Add text … Continue reading

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DNA Update – $1K Genome Coming

Debbie of http://cruwys.blogspot.com mentioned this article about $1,000 genome sequencing http://nextgenseek.com/2014/01/illumina-s-hiseq-x-ten-and-nextseq-press-release and someone else mentioned a similar article http://nextgenseek.com/2014/01/illumina-announces-new-sequencers-hiseqx-nextseq-500-at-jpm-2014 No word on when it will become commercially available for testing or which companies will use it. Current pricing for a full genome test runs around … Continue reading

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FTDNA Adds X Chromosome Matching

Announced here http://forums.familytreedna.com/showthread.php?p=375519 and on FTDNA’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/FamilyTreeDNA. You have to join FTDNA’s forums to read the article, but three bloggers (as of when I posted) have done a great job of explaining it and you can read their blogs without having … Continue reading

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BIG Y, The Journey Continues, Part 2

An update to my BIG Y journey. It started with this blog post BIG Y. I logged into FTDNA today and checked Pending Results. I was not expecting anything new, but do have a bit of OCD so I check Pending … Continue reading

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