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Expecto Patreon-um! — Lach in the Crease

Hey everyone! Today I’m doing a small update to announce some big news; I’ve officially launched a brand new Patreon page for my website! Ooo, a Patreon. Howwww original. I know, I know. It’s not exactly a revolutionary idea, but … Continue reading

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If You Are Going to Use Patreon As a Creator, Consider $1 and $2 Pledge Levels

I noticed a blogger who is using Patreon (What is Patreon?). The blogger decided to go with $5 as their minimum pledge level and limit the various pledge levels to so many Patrons. At the higher levels, that makes sense. … Continue reading

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To perk or not to perk (or percolate) – the BIG RISK for my INTERLUDE crowd-funder! — Fan Film Factor

Among the more annoying and often-ignored fan film guidelines is number 6e: “No unlicensed Star Trek-related or fan production-related merchandise or services can be offered for sale or given away as premiums, perks or rewards or in connection with the … Continue reading

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INTERLUDE will be filming at WARP 66 STUDIOS instead of NEUTRAL ZONE STUDIOS… — Fan Film Factor

A slight change of plans for my fan film INTERLUDE, which will be set in the Axanar Universe and will be crowd-funding soon! The majority of the fan film will be shot on the amazing bridge set of the USS … Continue reading

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USAFundraising.com – Alternative Or Addition to Other Types of Crowdfunding

Somebody posted in the comments section of Bonfire Crowdfunding T-shirt Site and mentioned this site – USAfundraising: https://usafundraising.com/fundraising-ideas/. I was not familiar with it. I checked it out and did not find any negative reviews of the site on various … Continue reading

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My 2,000th Blog Post

 This should be 2,000th post, not counting the first Blog post that WordPress ate or any subsequent blog posts that I deleted. As always, a big thank you to those who read my blog, follow me, like a post, or … Continue reading

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Happy 10th Birthday Kickstarter

I received an e-mail from the CEO of Kickstarter announcing their 10th birthday. Hi there, Today is Kickstarter’s birthday! We officially turn 10! After a decade of work dedicated to helping bring creative projects to life, we wanted to take … Continue reading

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Finalised Logo for Mining in Mapleborn! —

We love it! We received what we are happy to be the Final art work for the Logo for forthcoming Kickstarter Mining in Mapleborn! The blue background represents the sky location is will be placed onto on the box! We … Continue reading

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Can the Klingons help AVALON get $500 in donations in 4 days??? — Fan Film Factor

Currently, the Indiegogo campaign for the third AVALON UNIVERSE fan film, “Demons,” stands at $5,500 from 86 backers (64% of the way to their $8,500 goal). Actually, there’s an additional $500 donation that came in that didn’t get recorded (read … Continue reading

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Humblewood Kickstarter Campaign Results April 11, 2019

While the Humblewood Kickstarter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hitpointpress/humblewood-campaign-setting-for-5e-dnd campaign had somewhat modest goals ($20,000 goal). Its backers, including my $10 pledge, went with the “Go Big or Go Home” approach. It hit just over $1 million in pledges from over 14,600 backers 14,604 … Continue reading

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