Fast Weight Loss — David’s Way to Health and Fitness

Fast weight loss, it seems, is the desire of most everyone who has ever gone on a diet. After years of being overweight, many individuals have become so tired of their girth, they want it gone right now. Life becomes burdensome when you have become too large to fully enjoy it anymore. Obesity brings us many physical and mental health problems, it would be nice to be able to reverse it overnight. But it would also be nice to wake up fabulously wealthy one day too, right? But we know that isn’t going to happen for any of us unless we happen to win the lottery.

Fast Weight Loss

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Memory Lane Museum, Mooresville – North Carolina Thursdays April 15, 2021

For this week’s North Carolina Thursdays post, I decided to look around Iredell County. There were a few places that looked interesting. I went with Memory Lane Museum in Mooresville – CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO COVID 19.

Official Website:

Hours and Admission


Normal Operating Hours are from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday and 11:00 am – 4pm Saturday. Extended Hours During Race Weeks & Special Events


Located at 769 River Highway (Highway 150) just 1 mile west of I-77, Exist 36. 
Adult Admission $10
Children $6
Children ages 7-12 are $6
Children 6 years of age and under are FREE with paying adult.
Group Discounted Admission
Self Guided tour. We offer discounted admission for groups of 8 or more. We ask that you call us in advance so we can anticipate your groups arrival.
Group Discount 8 or more
Advanced group rate. Call ahead to schedule your visit!
We offer same day discounts for groups, just give us a call!
Phone: (704) 662- FORD

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Past North Carolina Thursdays posts:

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Claytonia virginica: Virgina Springbeauty (aka ‘fairy spud’) — Suzassippi’s Lottabusha County Chronicles

You know what happens when you look at something closely? This white-appearing flower from my height turned out to have pink-magenta stripes when I began to inspect it in Lightroom. Imagine my surprise! A member of the purslane family, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center says of this tiny little flower that First Nations people and colonists use the small tuber root for food. It has a sweet, chestnut-like flavor. Apparently, fairies also used it as a potato, as one of its common names is fairy spud.

Claytonia virginica: Virgina Springbeauty (aka ‘fairy spud’)
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Delta, American, United, and other major airlines signal rejection of new CDC guidance saying they should block middle seats – Business Insider April 14, 2021

I saw this on Business Insider earlier – Delta, American, United, and other major airlines signal rejection of new CDC guidance saying they should block middle seats: Much longer article. Time will determine if the airlines or the CDC is correct on the subject.

Thomas Pallini  April 14, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reignited the debate over whether airlines should be blocking middle seats just as airlines thought it was settled.

A newly publicized study found that maskless flyers could spread COVID-19 at a higher rate when middle seats were not blocked, Insider’s Hilary Brueck reported. Flyers on opposite ends of a three-seat row with the middle open reduced their risk of exposure by 57%, the study said.

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Places to Go in Japan: Japanese Heritage Sites – FamilySearch April 15, 2021

I saw this on FamilySearch recently – Places to Go in Japan: Japanese Heritage Sites: Article is longer, but here are some details. I included the section headings below.

April 15, 2021 by  Sunny Morton

The islands of Japan are places of diverse beauty, from stunning mountain peaks and lush green forests to long miles of seashore. There are many places to go in Japan to appreciate its history and cultural heritage. These places tell the stories of the people who have lived here for centuries.The most important source of your Irish ancestors’ BMDs for the past 150 years or more are civil registrations. Fortunately, civil registration information for millions of people is available online—much of it for free. Here’s where to look for Irish civil registration records and what you’re likely to find. 

Sankeien Gardens in Yokohama, Japan


Tomioka Silk Mill: History of the Japanese Industry


Kitamaebune Ship Museum shows Japanese Travel and Trade


Shonai Rice Museum and Sankyo Soko Storehouses


Shrines and Temples of Nikko


Ainu Heritage


Explore Your Own Japanese Heritage


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Scheduled COVID-19 Vaccine – April 15, 2021

From my earlier post – Update on Scheduled COVID-19 Vaccine – April 13, 2021, I had the Pfizer first shot about 4 hours ago. It went faster than I thought. My appointment was at 10:30, but by 10:21, I was in the waiting area for the 15 minute observation. Once the time was up, I scheduled my second shot before leaving.

The hardest part was the location was in the downtown area, the part where riding a bike on the sidewalk is a significant fine. Before I got to that area, I rode on the street as it had a bike lane and walked my bike to the location once I was close enough. Thankfully, they had a bike rack where I could lock up my bike. After leaving, I stuck to the bike lane as long as possible when I headed back to my place to pick up my backpack and head out again.

I learned a long time ago not to look when I am getting a shot or blood drawn. If I do, I tense up and that’s not a good thing. They had plenty of spaces to check in and plenty of volunteers to help direct traffic. Lots of people to give the vaccine. The waiting area was very large once you had gotten the shot. I only had to wait 15 minutes as I had never had a negative reaction to any past shot or medicine. If someone had a bad reaction, they had to wait 30 minutes before leaving.

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Smothered Sea Bass! Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce! — BeautyBeyondBones

I’m going to need you to sit down. I’ve got another winner of a recipe for ya! THIS DISH friends…I mean…WOW!

Smothered Sea Bass! Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce!

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Best Shots # 2 – World of Tanks – YouTube World of Tanks North America

I saw this recently –

Direct link: Best Shots # 2 – World of Tanks (about 5:10 minutes long)

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Incubation Update: The Goslings Are Hatching! (Long Read) — Forged Mettle Farm

Sometimes, the quiet in an incubator with eggs in lockdown is deafening. What’s going on in there? Are the air cells large enough? Are the goslings still alive?? And then, out of the blue, a pip appears!

Incubation Update: The Goslings Are Hatching! (Long Read)
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Prince Philip’s Important Contribution to DNA Genealogy – MyHeritage April 14, 2021

I saw this on MyHeritage recently – Prince Philip’s Important Contribution to DNA Genealogy: Slightly longer article. 

 by Esther April 14, 2021 History

MyHeritage would like to extend our deepest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen, the royal family, and the nation of Great Britain, on the loss of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh last Friday. Explore MyHeritage’s British Royal Family tree here to learn more about Prince Philip’s family background.

As fate would have it, on April 12, we hosted a Facebook Live session with Caroline Gurney, genealogist and historical researcher, called “Are You Related to Royalty?”. Caroline devoted a few minutes at the beginning of her session to talking about Prince Philip in the context of family history and DNA research. We wanted to share what she revealed to us.



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