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$1 Billion (and Counting) Pledged to Games April 2019 Kickstarter Announcement

I saw this announcement on Kickstarter this afternoon – $1 Billion (and Counting) Pledged to Games: If you are not familiar with Kickstarter or similar crowdfunding sources (Indiegogo, GoFundMe, etc.), here’s an easy definition. Crowdfunding definition: Crowdfunding is … Continue reading

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Finalised Logo for Mining in Mapleborn! —

We love it! We received what we are happy to be the Final art work for the Logo for forthcoming Kickstarter Mining in Mapleborn! The blue background represents the sky location is will be placed onto on the box! We … Continue reading

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Kaiju Crescendo An Evening of Japanese Monster Music – Kickstarter Campaign

Addit (better known as update to those not familiar with the term addit): I put a link and definition of what Kaiju means and included a link to one of my earlier Kaiju posts. Kaiju is a Japanese word … Continue reading

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Dungeonology: the expedition – Italian Kickstarter Campaign

This Kickstarter campaign,, was funded in 11 minutes. Considering its campaign goal was €53,000 (roughly $59,844 USD give or take), getting funded in 11 minutes is impressive. This is a slightly different game than one might expect. You will … Continue reading

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Humblewood Kickstarter Campaign Results April 11, 2019

While the Humblewood Kickstarter – campaign had somewhat modest goals ($20,000 goal). Its backers, including my $10 pledge, went with the “Go Big or Go Home” approach. It hit just over $1 million in pledges from over 14,600 backers 14,604 … Continue reading

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KNORK Eco I The BEST Plant-Based Cutlery Ever Made! – Kickstarter Campaign Wichita, Kansas

Disclosure: a friend owns and uses some Knork flatware and I have used their Knork flatware. I believe his Knork flatware is stainless steel. I don’t own any of their flatware, but I was impressed with the Knork flatware my … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Quickstarter Requirements

I ran across a Kickstarter Quickstarter campaign – (campaign has ended) not too long ago. It included a list of requirements that Kickstarter has for a campaign to be labelled as a Quickstarter: What is a Quickstarter? Quickstarters are a … Continue reading

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