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Divination Dice Kickstarter Campaign Update

Disclaimer: I have backed this campaign for a small amount (less than $20).  An update on the Divination Dice Kickstarter Campaign that I mentioned here – Crowdfunding Trick at Campaign Start. You can view the campaign at The campaign … Continue reading

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Disney Parks Cremated Loved Ones Not Allowed – Weirdness Wednesday February 13, 2019

This was an easy one to find as it was high on the list when I did a search for weird news on my least favorite search engine. I never thought of Disney parks as the place to scatter a … Continue reading

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Night of the Living Trekkies Book Review

I purchased Night of the Living Trekkies book on Amazon: (not an affiliate link). I purchased it used several months ago. I wanted an eBook version, but it was much cheaper to get a used paperback copy. I have … Continue reading

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Problem with Most Zombie Books and Movies

This is from a comment in a Facebook group. One of the biggest problem most books and movies that have a zombie apocalypse theme is the fact the zombies don’t win. If the zombie infection was contained fast enough, then … Continue reading

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How Not to Do Crowdfunding

I am following a Kickstarter campaign. I am not mentioning which one, but it ends in the not too distant future. The creator decided to add one video that has nothing to do with the campaign and it’s the only … Continue reading

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AncestryDNA Is Using FIRs to Distinguish Full and Half Siblings – The DNA Geek

Thank to the DNA Geek for sending the e-mail and the fir humor: Leah does a great job of explaining how AncestryDNA is using FIRs to determine full vs. half-siblings.

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Kobolds Ate My Baby RPG 20th Anniversary Kickstarter Campaign

Disclaimer: I pledged the campaign for a modest amount. #Humor Live stream – Feb 7 at 6:15pm CST – see Kickstarter link below to sign up. I never owned Kobolds Ate My Baby RPG (KAMB), but they have a new … Continue reading

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