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We’re moving (temporarily)! Pennsylvania State Library Moving to Transitional Space During Renovation of Forum Building

I had planned on a different blog post for this time slot, but I haven’t heard back if I can share something I learned in a Facebook group. I have family, specifically mother’s father’s line who first moved to the … Continue reading

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FamilySearch North American Chinese Genealogy Articles

Updated April 22, 2019: I added the Sunny Morton link below. In searching FamilySearch‘s blog – today, I ran across several posts that were focused on North American Chinese genealogy, including Canada – Your Chinese American Heritage: Chinese Genealogy … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Karrlita 2019

It’s hard to believe it’s been another year. Happy Birthday Karrlita. May the coming year bring you blessings. Here’s my post from last year that details her birth:  Happy Birthday to My Daughter, Karrlita 2018. Your children grow up so … Continue reading

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The Only Genealogy Tree You Control Is the One You Create and That’s If the Site Doesn’t Allow Others to Modify It

A common complaint in Facebook genealogy groups is somebody incorrectly added a family or family member to a tree where they don’t belong. My suggestion is to accept and realize you have no control on sites where anybody can create … Continue reading

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Nags Head, North Carolina: Jurassic Putt – Dinosaur North Carolina Thursdays March 28, 2019

I chose Nags Head, North Carolina: Jurassic Putt – Dinosaur for North Carolina Thursdays. Classic putt-putt golf carnivorous dinosaur hazard — a giant green T-Rex. Other dinosaurs too…. I have been to Nags Head back in 1974 shortly after … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dorothy Lorraine Strange March 18, 2019

In memory of my sister (technically half-sister – full name Dorothy Lorraine Strange) Lorraine on her birthday. I covered Lorraine‘s story in this blog post: 52 Ancestors Week 11 The Sister I Never Knew – Dorothy Lorraine Strange. Here’s her … Continue reading

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Don’t Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face

Disclaimer: This is not about literally cutting off one’s nose.  Several examples / definitions in case you are not familiar with the idiom: The idiom to cut off your nose to spite your face means you shouldn’t do something out of … Continue reading

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