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Various Changes to Find-A-Grave’s Latest Update

While a number of bloggers and other reviewers have posted about some of the major changes to Find-A-Grave’s recent update,  I stumbled across a couple of things that haven’t been mentioned too often. First, Find-A-Grave now limits you to one … Continue reading

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My 300th Blog Post – Sort of

Disclaimer: None of the information in this blog post (or any other blog post I make) is intended to be taken as legal advice nor should it be construed to be legal advice. I am not a lawyer and if … Continue reading

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V.A. Grave Locator Website

If you are not familiar with the V. A. Grave Locator site, it’s worth checking out. There are a couple of restrictions on who can be found. The database of burial information is updated each day. Search for burial locations … Continue reading

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Interesting Take on Find-A-Grave Update

I saw this link,, in a Facebook group. 1) Ad-heavy interface – I agree wholeheartedly. Way too many ads on the new site. If Ancestry is trying to kill Find-A-Grave, they couldn’t have chosen a better way than too many … Continue reading

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Latest Find-A-Grave FAQs and How Fast It Disappeared

This change to Find-A-Grave’s FAQs showed up early briefly June 2017 on (have to search for *Update or look for the highlighted text which is light yellow on my monitor), but is now gone. I use ChangeDetection to monitor … Continue reading

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Several Nifty Find-A-Grave Tools

There are/were several nifty Find-A-Grave tools. Since the latest update not too long ago, some of the tools may disappear or become non-functional. For now, replace www. with old. in the URL if the tool doesn’t show up on the new … Continue reading

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Find-A-Grave FAQs Changes

With the update to Find-A-Grave (, the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) have changed not only location ( – the old link is pretty useless as you will notice if you click on it), but many of the old FAQs have … Continue reading

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