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Amazon Only vs. Going Wide

This is slightly different than most of my posts, but I received an e-mail today from an author who was kicked off Amazon. She violated one of the numerous restrictions that Amazon places on those authors who opt to be … Continue reading

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How I Come Up With Things to Blog About

It really depends. In some cases, I see an article, social media post, etc. on one of the topics I blog about. In other cases, it gets interesting because either a person asks or answers a question on Facebook or … Continue reading

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Very Unusual USCG Aux. Office

While it may not be the most unusual U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCG Aux.) location out there, USCG Aux. Whittier, Alaska is  definitely the most unusual one I have run across. Found it on Facebook as a Suggested Page on … Continue reading

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Friends of Forest Hill Cemetery, Duluth, MN Facebook Page

As part of my blogging, I will be highlighting pages and groups on Facebook, Google Plus, and other places. For my first Facebook page, I chose the Friends of Forest Hill Cemetery, Duluth Minnesota Facebook page. From its About … Continue reading

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