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Mother’s Day 2018 DNA Sales

Updated May 14, 2018: Updated to include what may be the last of the Mother’s Day Sale discounts which is 25% off of some HomeDNA kits – don’t know if it’s across the board, but it does appear to include … Continue reading

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Maternal vs. Matrilineal and Paternal vs. Patrilineal – There is a Huge Difference

Too often, non-experts and way too many genealogy experts use paternal and maternal when they should be using matrilineal and patrilineal. Half of your ancestors are maternal and half are paternal, but only a small fraction of those ancestors fail … Continue reading

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Helix DNA Test Offerings And Why You Shouldn’t Buy Most of Them

NOTE: Be sure to check what devices the test you want to order is available for. Many of the individual tests only work on iPhones or Apple devices. Some also work on Android or online, but check each one since … Continue reading

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Current DNA Prices January 7, 2018

Updated: January 9, 2018 – some of the prices have changed from January 7; please double check before ordering. Before purchasing from any of the below DNA companies, always check the price before you order as prices can change fast. … Continue reading

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What’s the Best DNA Test?

This is by far, the most common question I hear during my DNA presentations or informal discussions about DNA. Simple answer – there is no best DNA test or best DNA company. More complicated answer – it depends on what … Continue reading

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I updated my earlier post on current sales to include’s sale. They are offering WGS 30x read for $1199 through January 18, 2018. The test comes with four (4) cheek swabs and you need to use all four to … Continue reading

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How Long Before Full DNA Testing Hits $100? Plus Current DNA Sales December 2017

Updated December 18, 2017 to include sale price that was announced after I made the original post. While the title might sound like a pipe dream, several companies are pushing for lower prices for full DNA testing. Currently, a … Continue reading

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