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Nat Geo Geno 2.0 $119.95 Through May 8th

Received an e-mail from National Geographic showing a sale price of $119 (regularly $199.95 with occasional sales as low as $149.95). The sale ends May 8th and doesn’t appear on Nat Geo’s regular Geno 2.0 Next order page or the … Continue reading

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DNA Day Sales 2017

Update Tuesday April 25, 2017: Happy DNA Day. Update Monday April 24, 2017: 23andMe Mother’s Day Sale (running through May 14th); $20 off regular prices. Not exactly a DNA Day Sale, but it is running during DNA Day. Update Sunday, … Continue reading

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BritainsDNA URL Change

Update Sunday, April 23, 2017: I posted to BritainsDNA Facebook page and their Twitter accounts to see if they will respond, but as of 3 PM US Central Time today, they have not responded. With their Facebook page, they have … Continue reading

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Kindle Version of Guide to DNA Testing; Free for 5 Days

I received an e-mail announcement from Richard Hill that the Kindle version of his book Guide to DNA Testing: How to Identify Ancestors, Confirm Relationships, and Measure Ethnic Ancestry through DNA Testing [Kindle Edition] is available free for the next five … Continue reading

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Today (13 July 2014) – 50% Off Products at

I saw this on earlier. Germany is the FIFA World Champion!We’re so proud of our team and therefore we want to share our luck with you!Every YSEQ test is 50% off. Only today!Use the coupon code DEUTSCHLAND ! Congratulations to Germany … Continue reading

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Good Comparison of AncestryDNA to FTDNA – Transfer or New Test

I talked about Ancestry dropping its Y-DNA and mtDNA and transfer options a few days ago in this post. Roberta Estes does a great job in her blog post of comparing transferring AncestryDNA results to FTDNA (FamilyTree DNA) versus ordering … Continue reading

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Will This Petition Change’s Decision to Dump DNA Samples?

A petition has been started to convince Ancestry not to destroy the DNA samples from their soon-to-be discontinued Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. You can learn more about the petition on their Facebook page here. I mentioned Ancestry destroying the samples … Continue reading

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