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New DNA Company DNAFeed

Update March 17, 2018: The information in this blog post is not intended as, nor should it be construed to be, medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult a medical professional who works in the field that best … Continue reading

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MyHeritage Giving Away 15,000 DNA Kits to Adoptees

As mentioned on, MyHeritage is giving away 15,000 DNA kits to adoptees. You have until April 30, 2018 to apply. Participation in this project is open to adoptees seeking to find their biological family members, and to parents and … Continue reading

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FTDNA Valentine Sale And MyHeritage DNA – Low as $59 – $69

As an update to my recent post about DNA prices (I updated the earlier blog post with the new sale prices), I received an e-mail today from FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) showing a sale price of $59 (regular price $79) through … Continue reading

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DNA Sales February 8, 2017

Update: February 8, 2017 – FTDNA’s Family Finder (their autosomal test) is now on sale for $59 through February 14, 2018 and they are offering discounts if you add Y-37, Y-67, or mtDNA when ordering Family Finder. Also, MyHeritage DNA … Continue reading

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MyHeritage Makes Contacting DNA Matches Free

As reported on MyHeritage’s blog,, if you use the DNA match option to send the message.It doesn’t apply to contacting users through other means if you don’t have a paid subscription. Please note that contacting DNA Matches has been … Continue reading

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Places You May Be Able to Upload Your DNA Raw Data

The below list is not comprehensive and some of the upload options are free, others are freeium (partly free and partly paid depending on the site and what you want to do on the site), and paid (paid options run … Continue reading

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LivingDNA Results Being Processed

Last month around December 13, 2017, I signed up for LivingDNA¬† with the goal of doing their free transfer of my 23andMe (v3 chip, 2013). It took a while as I never received the blue upload data button on my … Continue reading

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