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LivingDNA Beta Update February 2019 – Big Letdown

In one of my Facebook groups, I noticed this announcement earlier this morning: (dated February 14, 2019). DNA Matching Open Beta – Be Part of It Today We are incredibly excited that our new DNA family matching system, Family … Continue reading

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Does Chemotherapy and Radiation Affect Spit Kit DNA Tests?

Standard Disclaimer: I am not a medical health professional and any comments I post are not intended, nor should they be construed, as medical advice. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911 (where applicable) or contact … Continue reading

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Let Iceland Be Your Guide If You Plan On Getting Married and Having Children

Iceland is isolated and tends to have few non-natives move to the country. It also has a small population: hair shy of 350,000. They created an app to see if your potential date is too close to marry: I … Continue reading

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Looking at the alternatives — The Legal Genealogist

DNA companies take a stand on police access The news that Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) had allowed law enforcement to submit crime scene samples into its testing database to search for the identities of suspects without a court order has … Continue reading

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LivingDNA – Please Get Your Act Together

I do not like it when fanboys/girls defend a company because they either like the company so much or they are in such deep denial they can’t accept somebody who points out problems with a company. Back in mid-December 2017, … Continue reading

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Finding Your Bio People – Testing Companies – Part II — The ABC Blog

When I tested there were not as many “commercial” testing companies as there are now. There are “professional” labs that have done testing for years. With the launch of autosomal DNA testing in 2012 testing for the average person … Continue reading

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Will My Search for Half-Siblings Be Successful?

I have three (3) known half-siblings. By known, I am referring to knowing that how many I have been told about. To break them down, they are all females. One is on Mom’s side, 52 Ancestors Week 11 The Sister … Continue reading

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