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MyHeritage DNA Ethnic Update and Chromosome Browser

As mentioned on MyHeritage’s blog, here’s a brief blurb from the blog: We’re excited to announce major updates and improvements to DNA Matching rolled out today for all our users. Anyone who took a MyHeritage DNA test, and anyone … Continue reading

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Current DNA Prices January 7, 2018

Updated: January 9, 2018 – some of the prices have changed from January 7; please double check before ordering. Before purchasing from any of the below DNA companies, always check the price before you order as prices can change fast. … Continue reading

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HumanCode DNAPassport iOS App

I didn’t realize HumanCode’s DNAPassport app was only available for iPhones when I ordered it. Many of the ads don’t make it clear it’s only available for iPhones. My question to HumanCode’s CEO is why you would make an app … Continue reading

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Geno 2.0 Next On Sale for $69.99 (Updated January 7, 2018)

Updated January 7, 2018: Sale is $99.95 on the National Geographic site as of January 7, 2018, but is on sale for $69.95 on the Helix site if you already have a Helix DNA kit for the person you are … Continue reading

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Current DNA Sales June 2017

A number of DNA sales going on for early to mid-June 2017. 23andMe – $20 off the genealogy only kit (regular price $99) or $20 off the genealogy + Health kit (regular price $199). Free shipping if you order using … Continue reading

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Latest Mother’s Day 2017 DNA Sales Information

As of a few minutes ago, the following DNA companies are offering DNA Sales. Check with the company before ordering a test from them to make sure the sale is still going on. Some of the sales end on May … Continue reading

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Nat Geo Geno 2.0 $119.95 Through May 8th

Received an e-mail from National Geographic showing a sale price of $119 (regularly $199.95 with occasional sales as low as $149.95). The sale ends May 8th and doesn’t appear on Nat Geo’s regular Geno 2.0 Next order page or the … Continue reading

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