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Interview with Curtis Rogers of GEDmatch

I ran across this the other day – an interview between a blogger and Curtis Rogers of GEDmatch – When asked about when GEDmatch Genesis would be released (as opposed to still being in beta), here’s his response: Any … Continue reading

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DNA Central Coming Soon June 2018

A new one-stop DNA pay website is coming this month Annual Membership $99 USD/year (bit cheaper than monthly since you will save  $20/year if you go this route) Monthly Membership $9.99/month About DNA Central Blaine T. Bettinger, Founder … Continue reading

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Neanderthal DNA Comparison Between Three Companies

Below are my Neanderthal comparisons between three (3) companies: National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 Project (using FamilyTree DNA aka FTDNA and includes Denisovan as well as Neanderthal); 23andMe; and Insitome (using Helix DNA). In the first screenshot, 23andMe has me with … Continue reading

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23andMe DNA Day 2018 Sale Prices

Looks like 23andMe finally announced their DNA Day sale prices: 23andMe – $69 for Ancestry (ethnicity) only and $139 for Ancestry (ethnicity) with Health; regular price $99 or $199 (on 23andMe’s website and Amazon). Sale price ends April 25, 2018. … Continue reading

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MyHeritage Makes Contacting DNA Matches Free

As reported on MyHeritage’s blog,, if you use the DNA match option to send the message.It doesn’t apply to contacting users through other means if you don’t have a paid subscription. Please note that contacting DNA Matches has been … Continue reading

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Places You May Be Able to Upload Your DNA Raw Data

The below list is not comprehensive and some of the upload options are free, others are freeium (partly free and partly paid depending on the site and what you want to do on the site), and paid (paid options run … Continue reading

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MyHeritage DNA Ethnic Update and Chromosome Browser

As mentioned on MyHeritage’s blog, here’s a brief blurb from the blog: We’re excited to announce major updates and improvements to DNA Matching rolled out today for all our users. Anyone who took a MyHeritage DNA test, and anyone … Continue reading

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