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How Long Before Full DNA Testing Hits $100? Plus Current DNA Sales December 2017

While the title might sound like a pipe dream, several companies are pushing for lower prices for full DNA testing. Currently, a full DNA test will easily set you back anywhere between about $700 and close to $3,000+, depending on … Continue reading

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FTDNA Special Offer for Big Y Testers

I had tested at FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) for a number of things, including Y-67 and Big-Y. I hadn’t upgraded to Y-111 as the upgrade was usually in the $129 range with some sales lowering it to $99 or $109. Received … Continue reading

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FTDNA August 2017 DNA Sale

  FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) has announced its Summer Sale; runs through August 31, 2017. More information can be found at It’s one of several DNA sales going on right now. Individual Tests (as opposed to Bundles) Family Finder (autosomal … Continue reading

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DNA Day Related Sales

Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation for posting this notice and the links are not affiliate links. In celebration of DNA Day several companies are offering sales. – (Y DNA) SNP tests are on sale for $25 (regularly … Continue reading

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BIG Y – The Journey Begins, Part 1

Several weeks ago I upgraded my Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) test and added the BIG Y. It is the newest Y-DNA test available. The results won’t be posted until late February. I haven’t seen numbers on how many people ordered … Continue reading

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