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Ancestry DNA U.K.

In addition to Ancestry DNA on sale in the U.S. for $59, it’s on sale in the U.K. for Only £59* + delivery reg. £79 SAVE 25%.   Advertisements

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DNA Links Section Is Now Active

If you click on the Links tab, it’s active now. All links should be working. Please let me know if any don’t. I made it active last month, but I was still working on making all the links clickable. If … Continue reading

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Ignore Ethnic Results Below the Continental Level

Update January 25, 2018: Adding Insitome Regional Ancestry DNA ethnicity results to this list as #14. Also posting the results as a separate blog post with links to this blog post and my original post about Insitome. Also, added Ancestry … Continue reading

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Latest Mother’s Day 2017 DNA Sales Information

As of a few minutes ago, the following DNA companies are offering DNA Sales. Check with the company before ordering a test from them to make sure the sale is still going on. Some of the sales end on May … Continue reading

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AncestryByDNA Teams Up with FindMyPast

I came across this article about AncestryByDNA teaming up with FindMyPast. This is NOT AncestryDNA, but AncestryByDNA, a different company. The Paternal test shown on their website only has 16 STRs. Their Maternal test says it tests all three HVR … Continue reading

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