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GenCove To Discontinue Offering Invidiuals DNA Testing June 15 2018

I found out GenCove was shutting down individual accounts and no longer allowing new accounts after June 15, 2018 when I logged in GenCove a few days ago. Here’s the direct link to the announcement: You still have time … Continue reading

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New Feature On 23andMe – Root for Your Roots

Received an e-mail about a new feature on 23andMe – Root for Your Roots (Note: you will need to be logged into your 23andMe account for the link to work). You are given three choices, but can load more choices. … Continue reading

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MapS Phasing DNA Analysis

Update: It finally downloaded and am in the process of trying to get it to run. My Anti-Virus program keeps running a scan and finding nothing, but so far hasn’t let me do a lot with it yet. It may … Continue reading

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Anonymous Matches on 23andMe to Disappear June 15, 2018

I saw this in a Facebook group, but I checked on 23andMe to verify. As of June 15th, 2018, you will no longer see anonymous matches in DNA Relatives. Learn more Here’s the direct link (it’s the link in the … Continue reading

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Living DNA Review on PC Mag

Here’s a review of Living DNA on PC Mag: I did the free upload of my 23andMe results so I won’t get to see some of the things mentioned in the review. For example, I won’t get ethnicity, mtDNA … Continue reading

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DNAFit 23andMe Transfer Sale Price

If you have tested with 23andMe, DNAFit is offering a discount for uploading your results to DNAFit. Using promo code DNAFITNOW49  using the above link gives you the Diet Fitness Pro for $49 (regular price is $149). Here is what … Continue reading

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23andMe Suing Ancestry

Updated with note about one way that may get you around having to sign up with a professional e-mail address. In an interesting lawsuit, 23andMe is suing Ancestry. You can see the specifics at (NOTE: You may have to … Continue reading

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