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Numerous Free eBooks Available Through March 30 Or 31, 2019

I belong to numerous e-mail sites that run free ebook promotions every month. It’s usually only one ebook in a series, but the following selections are only a small portion of the free promotions I receive in a given month. … Continue reading

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Free eBook – March 15, 2019 Only: Psych Meds Made Simple: How & Why They Do What They Do

Free ebook today only, March 15, 2019, (not an affiliate link). If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s available there as well. If you miss out and don’t have Kindle Unlimited, I can loan out my ebook copy to one … Continue reading

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Watch “A hero of mine facing scary surgery needs your help – Amy Purdy, Amputee & Bada**” on YouTube

    Via A hero of mine facing scary surgery needs your help – Amy Purdy, Amputee & Bada**: – Footless Jo (around 8:37 minutes long). I follow Jo on her YouTube channel: Footless Jo: saw her post … Continue reading

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Authors Setting Themselves Up for Failure By Not Getting Editing Help

An ongoing debate on some Facebook author groups is the need for editing. There tends to be two camps – those who argue for the need for outside editing and those who say it’s not needed. Often, the anti-editing camp … Continue reading

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Get in Character with @CLIC_Sargent — Linda’s Book Bag

II’m not really taking on new blog material at the moment but when Martha got in touch from the children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent wondering if I could help them spread the word about a special eBay book auction they … Continue reading

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Considering a Literary Agent, But Haven’t Started Your First Book Yet?

I saw a question on Facebook where a person wanting to get published was looking for a literary agent. However, the future writer hadn’t written anything yet. To get a literary agent, most agents are going to want to see … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between Free, Freeium, and Premium Genealogy Websites?

While I mentioned genealogy websites in the post title, the following applies to any website, not just genealogy websites. There are basically three types of websites out there: Free, Freeium, and Premium or Paid websites. There’s a fourth type that … Continue reading

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