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If Purchasing DNA Kits From EBay, Amazon, and Deal Sites, Always Activate the Kits As Soon As You Receive Them

I routinely see people who got burned by purchasing a DNA kit from EBay, Amazon, or a deal site, usually it’s AncestryDNA kits, but it can happen with 23andMe, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), FindMyPastDNA, LivingDNA,  or MyHeritageDNA kits as well. I … Continue reading

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Collecting RPGs: My Take — No Rerolls

I collect RPG books but I would not, in the way I understand the word, call myself a ‘collector’. I say that because when I use that word, I picture someone searching for those last couple of titles to finish … Continue reading

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A Wise Decision By a Dice Company – Dice Envy Reconsiders Limited Edition Sets

ownI am glad to see a dice company, Dice Envy –, has decided to forgo limited edition dice sets – From the Dice Envy link above: What is new?  1. Customers now have the option to sign up … Continue reading

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Updated List of DNA Tests Offered Through Helix June 6, 2019

After noticing that Geno 2.0 Next and some other DNA tests were no longer offered on Helix, I decided to do an update on what DNA tests are available through Helix. My last update for Helix tests was October 1, … Continue reading

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Animal DNA Testing Companies April 25, 2019

On July 16, 2019, I posted an updated list of Animal DNA testing companies – Animal DNA Testing Companies July 16, 2019. It has the latest information on the various Animal DNA testing companies as there were some changes since … Continue reading

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Tabletop Tuesday – When Licensed Games Go Wrong — Pop Culture Uncovered

One sure way to get a tabletop game noticed is to have it themed on an original franchise or license. Nothing attracts even the most casual gamer like seeing a favorite movie, TV show, or comic on the cover of … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Have Cell Phone Insurance

Why I Don’t Have Cell Phone Insurance Your cell phone often comes with a limited warranty, usually a year. However, those warranties don’t include loss, theft, or accidental damage. Some companies may offer a free or discounted upgrade if you … Continue reading

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Game Review – Nuclear War by Flying Buffalo Card Game

You can learn more about the Nuclear War card game at Flying Buffalo’s Nuclear War section: You can also read about it on Wikipedia: I call it a soda and pretzels game, some would substitute an alcoholic beverage … Continue reading

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Tello Vs. Twigby Comparison

On Facebook, I found an article comparing Twigby and Ting – which links to It briefly included some of the other MVNO‘s. Twigby was the big winner in the above article. It helped Twigby that Ting requires $6/line fee … Continue reading

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My Introduction to RolePlaying Games – The Fantasy Trip (Melee, Wizard)

Standard Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and any comments I post are not intended, nor should they be construed, as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a legal expert who is familiar with the area of … Continue reading

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