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Living DNA Review on PC Mag

Here’s a review of Living DNA on PC Mag: I did the free upload of my 23andMe results so I won’t get to see some of the things mentioned in the review. For example, I won’t get ethnicity, mtDNA … Continue reading

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Customer Loyalty and What Companies Don’t Get About It

As I am in the process of writing a response to Boost Mobile’s recent major downgrade in its Boost Dealz app, I was struck by the lack of customer loyalty on the part of companies. They expect us to be … Continue reading

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Get Rich Offers – Scam or Real?

This is pretty easy – the vast majority of Get Rich Offers are scams. Don’t rely on the person’s website, YouTube videos, etc. that are often filled with fake reviews. A decent search will often find the same people giving … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Contest by Kayla Ann

via Contest Time Once Again: Flash Fiction (updated March 2, 2018 with my story and a link to where it’s posted on her blog). The rules are simple and can be found on her blog, but they are pretty easy. … Continue reading

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What Prevents DNA Circles Formation on Ancestry

Here’s a good basic primer on how to improve your odds of a DNA Circle forming on Ancestry – However, I didn’t see clear-cut limitations on some things that have been reported as preventing formation of a DNA Circle. … Continue reading

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Why You Should Pre-Approve Comments to Your Blog

In WordPress, you can require comments to be approved before showing up. Your ability to control comments can range from anybody can comment without being approved to requiring new commenters to be approved the first time they post with no … Continue reading

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RootsWeb Slowly Coming Back Online

As mentioned on RootsWeb yesterday, Update: January 23, 2018 Great news on the progress of getting RootsWeb back online. Today, we are bringing WorldConnect, one of our most valued features, back online. As we make WorldConnect available, it will … Continue reading

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