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MyHeritage DNA Ethnic Update and Chromosome Browser

As mentioned on MyHeritage’s blog, here’s a brief blurb from the blog: We’re excited to announce major updates and improvements to DNA Matching rolled out today for all our users. Anyone who took a MyHeritage DNA test, and anyone … Continue reading

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Ignore Ethnic Results Below the Continental Level

Update: I added GenCove to the list as #12 because they recently updated my 23andMe v3 chip transfer ethnicity results. I also added GenePlaza #13. I don’t recommend any company or admixture test for determining your ethnic results below the … Continue reading

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MedBetterDNA Chrome Extension

I saw the MedBetterDNA Chrome extension mentioned on Facebook. You can find it by typing in MedBetterDNA or by using this link: You will need to do this using Chrome as your browser and you will need to access … Continue reading

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What’s the Best DNA Test?

This is by far, the most common question I hear during my DNA presentations or informal discussions about DNA. Simple answer – there is no best DNA test or best DNA company. More complicated answer – it depends on what … Continue reading

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Cautions About DNA Testing Results

I give presentations about genealogical DNA on a regular basis. I also belong to way too many DNA groups on Facebook. One of the things I see in those groups and sometimes in audience questions involves expectations. For adoptees or … Continue reading

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BritainsDNA AKA MyDNA Closed Down

MyDNA, formerly BritainsDNA (and its various and sundry associate websites – CymruDNA/Wales; IrelandsDNA; ScotlandsDNA; and YorkshiresDNA) made a quiet announcement on its website it would no longer sell DNA kits as of July 3, 2017 and all ordered kits need … Continue reading

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How Long Before Full DNA Testing Hits $100? Plus Current DNA Sales December 2017

Updated December 18, 2017 to include sale price that was announced after I made the original post. While the title might sound like a pipe dream, several companies are pushing for lower prices for full DNA testing. Currently, a … Continue reading

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