Newest Bundle of Holding – Psi-Punk Quick Deal Bundle – September 28, 2022

Newest Bundle of Holding – Psi-Punk Quick Deal Bundle Ends October 5, 2022


Through Wednesday, October 5, for just one week, we present the Psi-punk Quick Deal featuring Psi-punk, the psionic-cyberpunk SFRPG by Jacob Wood from Accessible Games. Based on the Fudge universal system, Psi-punk takes you to the North American Union of 2096, where ghosts, psiborgs, technomancers, and soul jackers walk among us. To compete, you’ll build your ideal body, implant a few high-tech devices, sign up with a megacorp or government, and discover what it means to be more than human.

This new Quick Deal ties in to Everyone Games, an online event (30 Sept – 01 Oct 2022) that promotes accessibility options for partially-sighted, blind, and otherwise disabled gamers. Psi-punk designer Jacob Wood, who has been partially blind since his mid-teens, helps coordinate Everyone Games. “Games are for absolutely everyone,” says Jacob. “Not every game is designed for every person, but I believe every person should have the opportunity to find a game.” Check the Everyone Games YouTube channel and Twitch channel.

We presented the Psi-punk core rulebook in the February 2015 IGDN Bundle and again in the September 2020 Fudge Bundle. Now, for the first time, this new Psi-punk Quick Deal presents the entire line for a great price. Pay just US$7.95 to get all seven titles in our Psi-punk Collection (retail value $34.50) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Psi-punk corebook; the supplements Corps and Criminals and World’s Edge Arena; and four player character Archetypes: BrennerChangelingOpportunist, and Promoter.

Fudge-based RPGs use Fudge Dice, available from Evil Hat Productions (as “Fate Dice”), at hobby gaming stores, or from Amazon (affiliate link).

This Psi-punk Quick Deal exits the World’s Edge arena and vanishes into the favelas of Puna Arenas just one week from now, Wednesday, October 5.



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