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Newest Bundle of Holding -Apocalypse Engine 5 Bundle – September 19, 2022

Newest Bundle of Holding – Apocalypse Engine 5 Bundle https://bundleofholding.com/presents/ApocEngine5/ Ends October 10, 2022 OUR FIFTH DRIVE INTO THE APOCALYPSE Through Monday, October 10 we present the all-new Apocalypse Engine 5 Bundle, our fifth offer of RPGs Powered by the Apocalypse – that is, based … Continue reading

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Caturday chuckles — bluebird of bitterness

photos only Caturday chuckles

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Happy 75th Birthday U. S. Air Force – September 18, 2022

I was checking my list of military unit and branch birthdays today and noticed I had missed the Air Force‘s Birthday. Here’s the Military.com article – https://www.military.com/air-force-birthday. It’s a longer article, with a slideshow and some photos. Air Force Birthday … Continue reading

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French fancies: What Matters — View from the Back

Today’s company was only founded recently but has certainly hit on a winning formula.I’m a huge fan of subscription models, both for entrepreneurs and consumers. My beloved and I buy a number of products that we use daily in this … Continue reading

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