The 60 Minutes Episode That Had Audiences Sending In Complaint Letters – Looper August 14, 2022

I saw this recently on Looper – The 60 Minutes Episode That Had Audiences Sending In Complaint Letters – Looper August 14, 2022: Longer article.

BY JOE CAPRARO August 14, 2022

For more than half a century, the ticking stopwatch that leads off every episode of “60 Minutes” has alerted viewers to impeccably sourced and reported investigative journalism ahead. The CBS cornerstone first aired in 1968 and has relied on the strength of its hosts and presenters to deliver compelling and important stories. Among them are some of the most trusted and recognizable names in television journalism: Lesley Stahl, Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley, Bill Whitaker, Anderson Cooper, Dan Rather, and so on.

In its more than 2,000 episodes, the show has earned its position as an investigative powerhouse, and usually tells its stories with sensitivity and balance. “60 Minutes” episodes run the gamut from thought-provoking to haunting, but almost always cover their subjects thoroughly and effectively. 

Surprisingly, though, there was one episode that raised the ire of “60 Minutes” viewers, who thought the show did a poor job of representing the truth behind the story. Many of them sounded off on social media, and one thread featured copies of multiple long emails that viewers had sent to CBS executives criticizing the episode. But just what did “60 Minutes” do to make so many people so angry?

The episode that aired on January 9, 2022, “The Big Quit,” discussed the changes in the American workforce brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of the four people interviewed by Bill Whitaker for the segment, two were business owners and one was an economic expert. It wasn’t until nearly nine minutes in until they got to an actual employee, overworked marketing professional Melissa Williams. They didn’t dig very far to find her, though — she worked for one of the business owners also featured. 


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