Lion Football 2022: Week 4 Preview-VS. North American University — The Lion Wire

Overview: This team, and school is a lot like Lincoln University. North American University was actually founded in 2007 and what they did was pretty innovative if you ask me. They took an old Hilton Hotel that was going to be sold, renovated it, remodeled it and created a classroom and administration setting similar to what you might see if you visited the TAMUC Dallas Campus. They took another part of the hotel and created student housing and a cafeteria and food service center. Some might look at it and think, “yeah that is strange” but I would say innovative. By 2010, the school was fully accredited, and by 2013, the school had launched a fully functional athletic department and had joined the NAIA for Basketball. In 2019, they launched a football program.

Lion Football 2022: Week 4 Preview-VS. North American University

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