Why is the Bill of Rights Important? – FamilySearch July 16, 2022

I saw this on FamilySearch today – Why is the Bill of Rights Important?: https://www.familysearch.org/en/blog/why-is-the-bill-of-rights-important/. Longer article. I included the topics below..

By  Olivia Barney July 16, 2022

The Bill of Rights is important for many reasons, but especially because it protects the rights of each American citizen. These 10 amendments describe some of the most quoted rights that American citizens proudly proclaim. Although the Bill of Rights was created as an extension of the United States Constitution, it is a unique translation of moral and philosophical rights. The Bill of Rights also confirms the early American colonists’ core principles of personal liberty and human equality.

The Bill of Rights is important for other reasons too. In addition to securing certain rights for the population of the United States, it also demonstrated how changes to the Constitution could be made and reaffirmed the notion that the power truly was in the hands of the American populous. This precedent opened the door for other amendments to be made over the history of the country. Some of these other changes led to the abolishment of slavery, equal protection for all American citizens, and voting rights for women.

For many Americans, the Bill of Rights is considered an outline of the inalienable rights some consider God-given. These rights represent the life the colonists desired to give their posterity, which they felt had been violated by their previous government.

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