Newest Bundle of Holding – Fading Suns 4E Bundle – July 6, 2022

Newest Bundle of Holding – Fading Suns 4E: Wikipedia article – Will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign soon.


Through Wednesday, July 27 we present the all-new Fading Suns 4E Bundle, featuring the 2021 Fourth Edition of Fading Suns, the far-future space fantasy RPG from Ulisses Spiele. This offer ties in to Ulisses Spiele’s new Fading Suns: Lost Worlds Kickstarter campaign that launches soon. Lost Worlds takes us beyond the borders to worlds cut off long ago from the Empire and the solace of the Universal Church. Gear up and set off to rediscover these mysterious planets.

Fading Suns has starships, blasters, powered armor, alien races, and weird science — but also heroic knights, noble lords, high priests and headstrong merchants — quests, artifacts, and inscrutable mysteries. And there is horror: monsters and maddening, terrifying metaphysical truths. It’s a medieval passion play, where Humanity’s greatest civilization has fallen, bringing a Dark Age to the Known Worlds. The Universal Church of the Celestial Sun (modeled on the historical Byzantine Orthodox Church) pursues cosmic intrigues against the Noble Houses and the Reeves Guild. But even as the stars fade to cinders and the sinful await Final Judgment, a leader has arisen. Emperor Alexius has sworn to unite the worlds again under one banner — to ignite hope once more.

Pushing previous editions’ timeline forward a generation, Fading Suns 4E depicts an unexpectedly peaceful universe. The jumproutes are open again, and pilgrims and merchants can travel safely. Emperor Alexius has married a Vuldrok barbarian shield-maiden, and the new Princess Aurora is rumored to be the Reborn Sun who will reignite the dying stars. The Questing Knights lead missions to rediscover the Lost Worlds, and the Prophet calls all to move forward to bring light to new stars. For players who may fear a Dark Age close to home, Fading Suns Fourth Edition shines a bright new flame against the shadows.

This all-new offer includes DRM-free .PDFs of all three complete core rulebooks — the Fading Suns 4 Universe BookCharacter Book, and Gamemaster Book — plus the Faction Book (minor powers); Intrigues & Escapades (the incessant schemes of the major powers); three Imperial Dossiers that examine the major factions in depth; and a Play Kit of useful charts, maps, and play aids.

Learn more about Fading Suns 4 and its new Victory Point system at the official Bundle of Holding blog, Beyond the Bundle.

Whether or not Emperor Alexius can save the darkening stars, it won’t be long before this Fading Suns 4E Bundle flickers into nothingness — specifically Wednesday, July 27.


Ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) goes to Direct Relief. Direct Relief gets protective gear and critical care medications to health workers, with emergency deliveries to medical facilities across the US and to regional response agencies across the world.

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