Revisiting the Coin-Op Delights of Musée Mécanique — Atomic Redhead

Fisherman’s Wharf is an icon of San Francisco, with both the hustle and bustle of the still active fishing community along side tourists who run in and out of the various restaurants, shops, and museums. Nestled next to the iconic Grotto restaurant is my favorite place in all of San Fransisco, Musée Mécanique, an astounding arcade filled with antique, vintage, and contemporary amusement machines, from games of skill to ones that spring to life to perform a little show to ones that spit out a little card telling you your future. So often items of such age (as there are many machines well over 100 years old here) are locked behind glass, or out of reach beyond a velvet rope, but here at Musée Mécanique you are welcome to put in a quarter and try your luck at a variety of games, or just be entertained by a puppet show or, for the more morbid minded, witness a miniature execution.

Revisiting the Coin-Op Delights of Musée Mécanique

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