Biden’s big gas-price play falls flat: The Note – ABC News June 23, 2022

I saw this recently on ABC News – Biden’s big gas-price play falls flat: The Note: Longer article.

ByRick KleinAveri Harper, and Alisa Wiersema June 23, 2022

Who would have thought passing a gun bill would be easier?

Who would have thought that passing a gun bill would be easier than lifting the gas tax?

The mantra of “do something” is carrying the day on guns, where — to much of Washington’s surprise — an intricate if watered-down Senate compromise is on track to win final passage there in the coming days.

similar rallying cry from President Joe Biden on gas prices is echoing but not being heard in the soon-to-be-emptying halls of Congress. The cool reception that greeted his big suggestion of a tax holiday reflects the political dilemmas facing Biden’s party.

No politician wants his or her constituents to pay more at the gas pump, particularly those representing the party in power in an election year. Plenty of Democrats are glad to see the White House engage on the issue with the seriousness of purpose people are underscoring for them back home.


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