Introducing a New TGA Editor: Connor Martini — The Geek Anthropologist

I’ve yet to meet an academic who is not a geek. What it means to be either an academic or a geek is, by necessity, flexible and inconsistent, but I stand by this one data point, gleaned from a casual ethnography of my peers, colleagues, and mentors. Despite how many fellow D&D players, Trekkies, comic book fans and anime nerds I’ve come across in conference halls and classrooms, very few of them incorporate these interests into their academic work. Which is fine! Boundaries are important! There is no reason for the harsh, judgemental gaze of academia to turn its analytical and discursive capacities on my Fire Emblem fanfiction. Academia takes so much from us, takes us apart and forces us to kill our darlings in so many unexpected ways, that leaving some space that is just for ourselves in which we can foster passionate joy is good and necessary.

Introducing a New TGA Editor: Connor Martini


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