FamilySearch Wiki Publishes 100,000th Article – FamilySearch June 8, 2022

I saw this recently on FamilySearch – FamilySearch Wiki Publishes 100,000th Article: Longer article.

By  Diane Sagers June 8, 2022

The FamilySearch Wiki recently published its 100,000th genealogical research article. This free tool helps answer many common questions you might have when searching for ancestors in historical records. Each wiki article is written and updated by research specialists at the FamilySearch Family History Library and from the global genealogical community.

The FamilySearch Wiki helps you discover your ancestors by providing background information and research guidance on a wide range of topics relating to records collections, archives, local history, webinars, and other valuable information for areas throughout the world. If a topic is connected to genealogy research, it is likely to be found in the FamilySearch Wiki. If you’re not sure where to start in your ancestral search, it can help you find the best online databases for geographic areas where your ancestors lived.

The Genealogical Society of Utah, renamed FamilySearch in 1999, began providing research help articles in 1913. The FamilySearch Wiki, launched in 2008, was designed initially to help more advanced users with their research. In the past few years, its resources have broadened to include material and guides useful to beginners.

Today, the FamilySearch Wiki is among the top Wikis on the Internet based on the number of articles published and monthly visitors. The wiki averages more than 50,000 visitors per day, and the number is growing rapidly as users discover and embrace the wealth of information it offers. In 2021, more than 18 million visitors used it to assist them in their genealogical research.

“While the numbers are impressive, they are not the measure of success,” says Darris Williams, FamilySearch Wiki Team and Community Trees Manager. “It is about how the content helps people make ancestral discoveries. We get success stories all the time from patrons and glowing reports from well-known genealogy influencers, teachers, and lecturers who often recommend its use and link to specific content.”



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    I think you are like Family Search: you guys have a lot of posts!

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