South Pole aurora dances around total lunar eclipse in stunning astronomer photo – Space May 27, 2022 – Space Saturday May 28, 2022

I saw this recently on – South Pole aurora dances around total lunar eclipse in stunning astronomer photo: Longer article.

By Tereza Pultarova May 27, 2022

Astronomer Aman Chokshi took this image of the May Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse above the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica.

This stunning time-lapse photograph shows the May 15 total lunar eclipse above an astronomical observatory at the South Pole on the backdrop of magnificent auroras and the star-studded polar sky.

The lunar eclipse picture was taken by Aman Chokshi, a PhD astronomy student at the University of Melbourne, Australia, who is currently spending a year working at the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica, which studies microwave radiation emitted by the cosmos as part of the black-hole watching Event Horizon Telescope network.

“Last Monday we were lucky to see a total lunar eclipse from the South Pole,” Chokshi told in an email. “The moon gradually dimmed and turned orange. It was crazy to see how the sky dimmed and the millions of stars of our Milky Way galaxy emerged. At the peak of the eclipse, a band of glowing auroras surged across the sky. A truly spectacular evening!”


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