Newest Bundle of Holding – Neon City Overdrive Quick Deal Bundle – May 23, 2022

Newest Bundle of Holding Neon City Overdrive Quick Deal Bundle: Here’s the link to the system:


Yesterday, one street over from the Pocket Dimension (Bundle of Holding headquarters in upstate New York), a tree branch fell and damaged an electrical transformer, cutting off power to the neighborhood. This falling branch is the reason you can’t buy, today, a giant new Megabundle of fifty D&D modules. Stay tuned later this week! Meanwhile, we have a new Quick Deal that is also cool, and much easier to assemble in the dark.


Through Wednesday, June 1 — for just over one week! — we present the Neon City Overdrive Quick Deal featuring the fast-playing cyberpunk SFRPG Neon City Overdrive from Peril Planet. Lightweight, quick-playing, and amazingly adaptive — it’s based on FU: Freeform Universal RPG, with elements inspired by Fate and Blades in the Dark — Neon City Overdrive smoothly handles gritty near-future action. Whether your Trademark is Arcology Brat, Gene Farmed, Metroplexer, Joyrider, or Gutter Scum, you can be a Codeslinger, Jammer, Infiltrator, Grifter, or even a Paladin, with any kind of Skins, Cyberware, Edges, and gear you can think up. What matters is your Drive: why you keep hitting the streets, throwing yourself into danger, and pushing through the hard stuff.

This Quick Deal gives you the entire Neon City line for an unbeatable bargain price. Pay just US$7.95 to get all four titles in our Neon Collection (retail value $25) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Neon City Overdrive corebook and all three supplements: The GridSkinjobs, and Psions.

Pay just US$9.95 to get all eleven fiction titles in our Sixth World Stories Collection (retail value $49) as DRM-free ebooks in both ePub and Kindle formats, including seven complete Shadowrun novels — CrimsonFor a Few Nuyen MoreHell on WaterShadow DanceStirredTourist Trapped, and Veiled Extraction — along with four Sixth World novellas: Crocodile TearsA Kiss to Die ForSee How She Runs, and Under Pressure.

Jack in to the Grid — or, you know, visit our website — and download this Neon City Overdrive offer before it glitches and hard-resets Wednesday, June 1.


Ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) goes to Direct Relief. Direct Relief gets protective gear and critical care medications to health workers, with emergency deliveries to medical facilities across the US and to regional response agencies across the world.


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