Using a Single Photo & DNA Matching, I Unlocked the Secret Her Grandmother Took to the Grave – MyHeritage May 17, 2022

I saw this today on MyHeritage – Using a Single Photo & DNA Matching, I Unlocked the Secret Her Grandmother Took to the Grave: Longer article. I included the topics below.

By Esther May 17, 2022

The first time that I really heard about my maternal ancestry and saw my family tree was when my grandfather showed me the family research that his brother had been working on. I was amazed by who these people were that had contributed to my being here, but I was young and not interested in doing genealogy myself. It was not until 2008 that I started my own genealogy research and immediately I was hooked. In 2014 I took my first DNA test, a test that has been followed by many more, and since that moment I have been intrigued by the wonderful world of our chromosomes. For several years I’ve been working in the field of genetic genealogy, giving lectures and workshops both in person and online. In 2018 I started my own company Gener & Anor ( that aims to educate people about genetic genealogy. I also offer contract research for people who are searching for their parents and grandparents. This story is one of these cases.

I’ve known Barbro for a few years now. We met when I lectured at a local genealogy association. I knew that she had been searching for her unknown maternal grandfather for more than 50 years. Barbro, who was now 75 years old, felt that it was time to get help with her search. She conducted a solid amount of genealogy research using church records and other sources. She had also taken a DNA test and transferred the result to MyHeritage and other databases. She found it hard to interpret all the numbers and words and understand what the DNA result actually meant. So last summer she got in touch with me and I agreed to take on her case.

The single clue: a photo with a heartbreaking inscription



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