Preserving Memories to Preserve Your Family’s Legacy – FamilySearch May 13, 2022

I saw this recently on FamilySearch – Preserving Memories to Preserve Your Family’s Legacy: article, but I included the topics below. The last topic below has several sub-topics in it.

By  Ana Elena Reina Corella May 13, 2022

People have an inner desire to save memories of past experiences with loved ones. Memories are like a time travel machine that allow us to relive special moments that we cherish dearly. Looking at photos, journals, and other records can give us a sense of belonging and a better understanding of who we are today and what took brought us to where we are now.

That is why family memories are so important. These memories help us preserve our culture and see how our families have changed over time. They allow us to keep the past, present, and future connected. They also help us remember the lives of lost loved ones and help us feel as if our loved ones were here again.

RootsTech is here to share some tools and tips about how to document and share your family photos and memories. There are many ways to do it — from digitizing photos or collecting cooking recipes, to recording audios or keeping a journal. Take a look at some of the following classes to discover a new world of opportunities to preserve your photos and memories.

Discover How to Preserve your Family Memories



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