Hamster’s Reaction to Realizing He Has a New Furry Sibling Is Total Cuteness Overload – PetHelpful May 3, 2022 – Weirdness Wednesdays May 4, 2022

Here’s an unusual post for this week’s Weirdness Wednesday post: Hamster’s Reaction to Realizing He Has a New Furry Sibling Is Total Cuteness Overload: https://pethelpful.com/pet-news/hamster-reacts-to-sibling. Longer article.

LIZ O’CONNELL May 3, 2022

Imagine that you’re an adorable little hamster living the life of an only child. But one day, you wake up and immediately know something is different. When you look out of your cage, you notice another cage in the room that looks just like yours. The realization sets in that the good life of being an only child has ended. 

For some, that might be the end of the world, but for this curious hamster, he couldn’t wait to investigate what was in the new cage. In a TikTok video from @skyecotter, the hamster was hesitant at first as he stands up and pauses. Maybe he’s a little confused about what he might find in the cage. But in no time at all, he scurries his way to check out the situation. Let’s just say his investigation skills are some of the cutest we’ve ever seen!

Even when his mom pulled him away from the cage, he made his way back up the corner to take another look! Aww! Also, how did he weasel his way up there?! LOL. @Slug Dude asked, “How does he get up the back of your cupboard?” The creator responded by saying, “😂 Yeah, he wedges himself between the wall & cupboard & pulls himself up.” It’s so impressive. We’ll take more videos of just that.


I used to raise hamsters when I was younger. I read a book the only way to tell if a female hamster is in heat, it is take the male hamster and drop in the cage. If she’s not in heat, she will attack him immediately.



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