Happy DNA Day April 25, 2022

Today is DNA Day. Here is the Wikipedia article on the day – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNA_Day/. In an aside, the complete genome was completed recently – https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/completing-the-human-genome-sequence-again/. It had been too costly to complete until recent achievements that allowed them to complete the full genome in a cost effective method. It’s nice they finally completed the full genome in a way that was relatively inexpensive. I only learned about it from a friend who follows DNA as much as I do. I thought it had been completed from the reports I saw, but it turns out it hadn’t been fully completed until recently.

Unfortunately, most companies that do DNA testing only do a handful of the genome, usually around 3% or so. There are some companies that do a lot more of DNA testing, but those tend to be expensive, often $550+ or more. It can run up into the several dollar range if you go with some companies.

Here’s an alternative if you need a fast DNA test – Alternatives to Needing a Quick DNA Test Immediately – DNA Saturdays September 26, 2020. A friend’s father-in-law was dying. The company suggested using a drug store test to collect the sample and mail it to them, noting they had talked to the company as it used cheek swabs. At one point, a company was selling an instrument to collect DNA sample that you could run the sample yourself. I don’t remember the company name or the name of the instrument you could purchase. I have been trying to remember the company as it was relatively cheap to purchase the instrument, but where they made the money was in selling you the test strips as those tended to be somewhat expensive.


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