My Favorite Chip Company Is Back and They Offer My Favorite Corn Chip Again – April 21, 2022

I love Golden Flake chips although they stopped offering my favorite BBQ corn chip a while back. They were recently bought by a new company and they started offering my corn chip again. Here’s the link to the website: I am now sure how many bags I would need to order, but in the past, it started with 13 bags and later upgraded to 20 bags. Hopefully, my sister can send me a bag as it looks like I need to order 12 bags plus shipping. Hopefully, I can have my sister look at the bag before buying me one as the bags on the website don’t appear to have any BBQ sauce on them based on the space that includes a clear spot on the bag.

When I used to buy them, they were covered in so much BBQ covering, acouple of my fingers would be orange from eating them. Here’s hoping the bag was a simple snapshot of the actual bag as I don’t plan on asking my sister to send me a bag if they aren’t covered in a thick coat of BBQ covering.

Over the years, I used to love Iced Fruit cookies by Nabisco; they were discontinued many years ago. Turns out I tried a cookie by a different company and they used almond to make the cookies which is as close as I can get to the Nabisco cookies. Likewise, I used to love Pizza Spins by General Mills. They stopped making them several decades back. I also used Nabisco Blueberry Toastettes, another product long gone. I will do a post soon that highlights some of the lost products.


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