Newest Bundle of Holding – Etherscope Quick Deal Bundle – April 11, 2022

Newest Bundle of Holding Etherscope Quick Deal Bundle: Etherscope Quick Deal. Ends April 15, 2022. Here’s the Wikipedia article on the RPG:


Through FRIDAY, APRIL 15 — just four days from now! — the all-new Etherscope Quick Deal jumps the rails into the Etherscape for Victorian cyberpunk adventure

We aimed to launch a large new offer today, but it’s not quite ready. (Wednesday!) Meanwhile, please enjoy this all-new Etherscope Quick Deal featuring Etherscope, the Victorian cyberpunk RPG from Goodman Games. Ninety years after British engineers discovered Etherspace, punk Scope riders have jumped from the rails of Prime Reality into this new frontier. Fight evil industrialists and Etherspace demons — raid Lemurian ruins from before the Earth-Wrack — or join the Revolution against corrupt rulers in the Great Metropolis. Jack in and scope up with this original 2005 Open Game License take on the d20 Modern rules.

For a sharply limited time — through Friday, April 15, just four days from now — this Quick Deal presents Goodman’s entire Etherscope line (not counting a third-party title, The Lemurian Candidate from SteamPowered Games). Pay just US$7.95 to get all six titles in our Etheric Collection (retail value $52) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete standalone Etherscope corebookMysteries of the OccultThe Great Metropolis, the character rules expansion Upload – Etherpunk, and two short adventures, Just a Delivery and Cinnamon Rose.

Get this Etherscope Quick Deal before it Scopes up and jumps into the Etherscape just FOUR DAYS FROM NOW, on Friday, April 15.

PS. Our revived May 2015 Victoriana Bundle, with the Cubicle 7 Entertainment FRPG of Victorian magic, ends WEDNESDAY!


No word on what charity gets the benefit.


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