One of the Most Famous Victorian Dishes Is a Hilarious Lie – Weirdness Wednesdays January 19, 2022

Here’s a nice post for this week’s Weirdness Wednesday post; saw it recently on One of the Most Famous Victorian Dishes Is a Hilarious Lie: Slightly longer article.

BY DIANA HUBBELL January 12, 2022

Brown Windsor soup was reportedly a favorite of the Queen. The only problem? It may not have existed.

“GOOD HEAVENS! ISSUE UMBRELLAS, THE Scots are firing porridge!” exclaims Neddie Seagoon, a character voiced by comedian Harry Secombe on the popular 1950s British radio program The Goon Show. The English military forces have just been hit with a “great steaming spludge” and aren’t having it.

“Porridge at teatime?” roars Major Denis Bloodnok, voiced by Peter Sellers, in horror. “They’re trying to unbalance our diet!”


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