The 10 strangest space structures discovered in 2021 – Space December 31, 2021 – Space Saturday January 1, 2022

I saw this recently on Space The 10 strangest space structures discovered in 2021 Slightly longer article, but here’s what I considered the first portion of the article. I thought it was a good Space Saturday post. I included the space structures below.

By Brandon Specktor December 31, 2021

The closer we look at the universe, the more beautiful and baffling it becomes.

Orbiting more than 300 miles (480 kilometers) over Earth and separated by tens of millions of light-years from many of the interstellar objects it studies, the Hubble Space Telescope takes “working remotely” to a new extreme. Even as the world below grappled with another pandemic year, weird and wonderful space discoveries flooded in from above, with astronomers pulling back the curtain on monster black holes, invisible magnetic megastructures and a cosmic treasure trove of extraterrestrial planets. 


1. A star-munching “Pac Man” in the southern sky


2. A ghostly jellyfish, risen from the dead


3. The ultra-rare planet in Orion’s nose


4. A helix-shaped black hole energy cannon


5. An invisible “barrier” shielding the galaxy’s center


6. A massive “shipyard” of ancient galaxies


7. A 500-light-year-wide “cavity” in the Milky Way


8. The twisted magnetic “tunnel” that surrounds the solar system


9. The first view of a “spaghettified” star


10. A “mystery hut” on the far side of the moon



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