Great News from the Optometrist Today – November 19, 2021

My cataract surgery went well enough that I don’t need distance glasses. I do need a reading pair and I purchased it from the optometrist’s office today. I want to thank the Lord for guiding the eye surgeon’s hands and for letting me get a lot better vision than I expected. I have been wearing distance glasses from around 1970. My second pair were bifocals and I disliked them as I read in front of me and I could never get used to reading down. My bad eye didn’t improve much and I figured it wouldn’t. I think it went from 20/400 to 20/200 which is a small improvement, but that happened after the first surgery.

The sad thing is I did light therapy decades ago and my right eye hit 20/30. Turns out the light therapy should have continued for several months longer than it did. Had it been continued, my right eye would probably be 20/30 now. I would have needed corrective surgery to realign my right eye a bit so it would have cost some money that wasn’t available at the time. Thankfully, my step-father’s insurance would have covered the surgery a few years later.

I was surprised at how great my vision was without glasses. I could read initially 20/20, but after a bit, it went down to 20/25 in my good eye. With the reading glasses, they are a small pair in terms of size, but they help me read things on my laptop that were hard to read if I didn’t place the laptop about 2 – 2/5 feet away.

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    Glad to hear that Lee

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