Free Family History Classes and Webinars for November 2021 – FamilySearch, October 28, 2021

I saw this on FamilySearch today – Free Family History Classes and Webinars for November 2021: .

Free FamilySearch Family History Library webinars for November 2021 offer an impressive variety of timely topics to suit your family discovery needs. A series of webinars will be available for ChechianScottish, and Scandinavian research. Start with a series of short sessions on Czechian research with emphasis on locations such as BrnoLitoměřiceOpavaPilsenPragueTřeboň, and Zamrsk, coupled with practical help for reading Czech Parish Records. Or how about Finding Jewish Records in the US National Archives?

Hone your research skills with Scottish History and Records up to 1800Scotlands PeopleScottish Church RecordsKirk Sessions (on local church courts), Scottish IndexesStatiscial Accounts, collections in the Archive Network, the National Library of Scottland, and Lesser Known Glasgow Resources. 

Other sessions will cover Scandinavian research with How to Use Danish Church RecordsResearch in Skåne Sweden, the Norway CensusNorway Historical TimelineResearch for Iceland, and the Netherlands Census. United States webinars will searching in US Military Pension FilesAfrican American Church Records, and beginner classes will be offered on FamilySearch Family Tree. One special session, Corregiendo el Árbol Familiar de FamilySearch (Correcting the FamilySearch Family Tree), is planned for Spanish language speakers.

United Empire Loyalists in Canada (Ontario), and Chinese Burials and Tombstone Inscriptions webinars are also scheduled. 

No registration is required. See the table of classes below for more details. To view a webinar on the date and time listed, click the ‘Yes’ to the right of the class title. The ‘Yes’ link will take you to the webinar or a sign in page.

If you cannot attend a live event at the scheduled time via Zoom, most sessions are recorded and can be viewed later at your convenience at Family History Library Classes and Webinars

All webinar times are given in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) through 11/6/2021, and Mountain Standard Time beginning 11/7/2021

Mon, Nov 1, 10:00 AM MDTUsing the FamilySearch Catalog (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 2, 10:00 AM MDTOverview of FamilySearch (Beginner)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 9:00 AM MDTGenTeam Gazetteer and Maps (Beginner)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 9:30 AM MDTFinding Jewish Records at the National Archives (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 10:00 AM MDTPilsen Regional Archives (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 10:30 AM MDTLitoměřice Regional Archives (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 11:00 AM MDTPrague Regional Archives (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 11:30 AM MDTPrague City Archives (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 12:30 PM MDTTřeboň Regional Archives (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 1:00 PM MDTZamrsk Regional Archives (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 1:30 PM MDTBrno Regional Archives (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 2:00 PM MDTOpava Regional Archives (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 2:30 PM MDTReading Czech Parish Registers–Births (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 3:00 PM MDTReading Czech Parish Registers–Marriages (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 3, 3:30 PM MDTReading Czech Parish Registers–Deaths (Intermediate)Yes
Thu, Nov 4, 10:00 AM MDT“Hallelujah!” Researching African American Church Records (Intermediate)Yes
Sat, Nov 6, 9:00 AM MDTHow to Use Danish Church Records (Beginner)Yes
Sat, Nov 6, 10:15 AM MDTResearch in Skåne, Sweden (Intermediate)Yes
Sat, Nov 6, 12:30 PM MDTNorway Census Strategy (Intermediate)Yes
Sat, Nov 6, 1:45 PM MDTHistorical Timeline for Norway (Beginner)Yes
Sat, Nov 6, 3:00 PM MDTHow to Read the Church Records for Iceland (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 9, 10:00 AM MSTNavigate, Add, Edit, Standardize, and Print on FamilySearch Family Tree (Beginner)Yes
Wed, Nov 10, 10:00 AM MSTNetherlands Censuses and Population Registers (Intermediate)Yes
Wed, Nov 10, 12:00 PM MSTNetherlands Notarial Records (Advanced)Yes
Wed, Nov 10, 2:00 PM MSTNetherlands Archive Spotlight: Friesland (Intermediate)Yes
Thu, Nov 11, 10:00 AM MSTU.S. Military Pension Files (1776-1916): A Gold Mine for Family History Research (Intermediate)Yes
Thu, Nov 11, 1:00 PM MSTCorregiendo el Árbol Familiar de FamilySearch (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 16, 10:00 AM MSTThe Research Process, Research Help, and Searching Records on FamilySearch (Beginner)Yes
Thu, Nov 18, 10:00 AM MSTFrom the Colonies to Canada: Researching Your United Empire Loyalists (Intermediate)Yes
Fri, Nov 19, 5:00 PM MSTChinese Burials and Tombstones: Customs and Inscriptions (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 23, 10:00 AM MSTTips and Tricks for Finding Elusive Records in FamilySearch (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 30, 9:00 AM MSTAn Overview of Scottish History and Records to 1800 (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 30, 9:30 AM MSTAn Overview of Scottish History and Records from 1800 (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 30, 10:00 AM MSTUsing ScotlandsPeople (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 30, 11:00 AM MSTScottish Church Records Project (Beginner)Yes
Thu, Nov 11, 11:30 AM MSTExploring Scottish Kirk Sessions Records (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 30, 12:00 PM MSTNational Library of Scotland (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 30, 1:30 PM MSTScotlandsFamily (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 30, 2:00 PM MSTScottish Indexes (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 30, 3:00 PM MSTScotland Statistical Accounts (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 30, 3:30 PM MSTLesser-Known Glasgow Resources (Beginner)Yes
Tue, Nov 30, 4:00 PM MSTScottish Archive Network (Beginner)Yes

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Visit Classes and Online Webinars for more information.

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