Felt Ill After COVID-19 Vaccine? It May Depend on Which Vaccine and Whether You’ve Had COVID-19 – 23andMe August 26, 2021 – DNA Saturdays August 28, 2021

I saw this recently on 23andMe – Felt Ill After COVID-19 Vaccine? It May Depend on Which Vaccine and Whether You’ve Had COVID-19: https://blog.23andme.com/23andme-research/covid-19-vaccine-reactions/. Much longer article. but here are some of the relevant portions.

August 26, 2021 By 23andMe under 23andMe Research

By Daniella Coker, MPH, and Janie Shelton, Ph.D.*

Several studies show the three COVID-19 vaccines being used in the United States — from Johnson & Johnson (J&J), Moderna, and Pfizer — are safe1,2 and effective2,3  and offer the best hope to beat back the pandemic.2,4 And as so many of us have gotten vaccinated, it’s impossible not to notice that people react differently to the vaccines. Many people report having no reaction, while others feel sick enough to stay home in bed. 23andMe researchers wanted to know more about why. Is it due to the type of vaccine or our age or what? 

To learn more about these differences we analyzed the data from more than 100,000 23andMe consented research participants and found that the second in the two-shot vaccine from Moderna produced the strongest reactions. We also learned that younger people and women tended to have stronger reactions to the vaccine than others.

But before going into what our researchers found we should be clear: The side effects of vaccines are minimal while the risks from the virus caused by COVID-19 are severe. This was further confirmed by new data from the CDC.  More than 35 million people in the United States have contracted the virus caused by COVID-19, and 614,000 of them have died. Even with the emerging Delta variant cases, the biggest risk is remaining unvaccinated. We encourage people to take the advice of healthcare professionals, the World Health Organization, state and local public health officials, and the CDC, and get vaccinated. 


*The 23andMe COVID-19 research team includes: Adam Auton, Adrian Chubb, Alison Fitch, Alison Kung, Amanda Altman, Andy Kill, Anjali Shastri, Antony Symons, Catherine Weldon, Chelsea Ye, Jason Tan, Jeff Pollard, Jey McCreight, Jess Bielenberg, John Matthews, Johnny Lee, Lindsey Tran, Maya Lowe, Michelle Agee, Monica Royce, Nate Tang, Pooja Gandhi, Raffaello d’Amore, Ruth Tennen, Scott Dvorak, Scott Hadly, Stella Aslibekyan, Sungmin Park, Taylor Morrow, Teresa Filshtein Sonmez, Trung Le, and Yiwen Zheng. 

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