Newest Bundle of Holding – Revived Dungeon World Bundle – August 2, 2021

Newest Bundle of Holding Revived Dungeon World Bundle Company website: Was a Kickstarter campaign in 2019: Not familiar with the system, but here’s a Wikipedia article:

Through MONDAY, AUGUST 16 the resurrected December 2014 Dungeon World Bundle once again lets you engage in Class Warfare against Terrors of the Ancient World on a Dungeon Planet.

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Through Monday, August 16 we resurrect the December 2014 Dungeon World Bundle, featuring third-party supplements and adventures for the bestselling Apocalypse Engine fantasy RPG Dungeon World. Transplanting Apocalypse World to fantasy, Dungeon World brings indie ideas to traditional dungeon crawls. Because it’s published under an open license, many indie designers have published their own DW supplements. This offer — first of the three DW bundles we’ve presented to date — brings back some of the best work from Johnstone Metzger at Chthonstone Games (formerly Red Box Vancouver) and Jason Lutes at Lampblack & Brimstone. You have a new chance to get Class Warfare, Terrors of the Ancient World, Servants of the Cinder Queen, Adventures on Dungeon Planet, Funnel World, and more.

All these supplements and adventures require the Dungeon World rules (not included in this offer). The free Dungeon World System Reference Document with all the rules is widely available; the Dieheart DW resources page lists many links to the SRD.

Learn more about this Dungeon World revival at the official Bundle of Holding blog, Beyond the Bundle.

Get this revived December 2014 Dungeon World Bundle before it once again descends into the catacombs Monday, August 16.


Ten percent (after payment of gateway fees) will be donated to Direct Relief:

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