Newest Bundle of Holding – Fate Worlds and Toolkits Bundle – July 19, 2021

Newest Bundle of Holding Fate Worlds and Toolkits Bundle

Through MONDAY, AUGUST 9 the Fate Worlds and Toolkits Bundle brings you 50, count ’em, 50 campaigns

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Through Monday, August 9 we present the Fate Worlds and Toolkits Bundle, a spectacular new offer featuring the rulebooks, toolkits, RPGs, and many, many settings for Fate from Evil Hat Productions. Though we’ve presented Fate many times, none match this unprecedented offer with absolutely everything you need for any fast-moving, action-packed game using the flexible Fate system — and, get this, fifty ready-to-play campaign settings.

From 2014 to 2019, Evil Hat produced 45 compact setting books for Fate Core. Funded by a now-finished Patreon campaign, each Fate Worlds of Adventure book presents, in just 30 to 50 pages, a rich setting with a ready-to-play adventure. “Buy one this afternoon, be ready to run this evening.” This offer brings you all 45 Worlds — over 2,700 pages of Fate-ful supplements that cover an astonishing range of genres and tones. Add Fate of Cthulhu, Tachyon Squadron, Kaiju Incorporated, Shadow of the Century, and Young Centurions, and you can keep your players busy for years — for an unbeatable bargain price.

(How many other RPG systems have four dozen published settings? D&D, GURPS, Apocalypse Engine, maybe Basic Role-Playing (counting Call of Cthulhu)… any others? Now, how many have four dozen from one publisher?)

Learn more about this offer, and see a complete list of all its Worlds of Adventure, at the official Bundle of Holding blog, Beyond the Bundle.

Note: Many of these titles have appeared in past Bundle offers: two rulebooks, four Toolkits, four of the six Tachyon Squadron books, the Worlds in Shadow and Worlds on Fire collections, Shadow/Centurions/Kaiju, and 14 of the 45 Worlds of Adventure. Thirty-six books appear in this offer for the first time in Bundle history.

Fate RPGs use Fudge Dice, available from Evil Hat Productions (as “Fate Dice”), at hobby gaming stores, or from Amazon (affiliate link).

Get this Fate Worlds and Toolkits offer before it succumbs to its inevitable fate Monday, August 9.


Ten percent (after payment of gateway fees) will be donated to Direct Relief:

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