Some More Personal Rules on Find-A-Grave – July 17, 2021

I have a number of rules I follow on Find-A-Grave. For example, it’s rare I add a recently deceased person. In many cases, I find someone listed on another graving website and verify the cemetery where they are buried. A basic rule is I check to see if someone was added outside of a cemetery. For example, I find person A, died whatever year and I do a basic search without listing a cemetery. It’s not uncommon to find someone listed as burial unknown (BU) or cremated as those are two ways people add people if they don’t know where they are buried. Not too long ago, I saw where someone had added a cremated memorial, but I saw an announcement of where the person was going to be buried so I notified the manager of where the person was going to be buried.

One thing I see on a regular basis is two or more people adding the same person with birth and death dates matching. I may look for a specific name, especially on recent deaths and see duplicate entries. I check to see if they have been recorded as duplicates. Some have and some haven’t been recorded as duplicates. In those cases, I report the duplicates.

When I add a memorial, it can take 30 minutes or longer for me to fill out the information. In those cases, I double check after submitting the memorial to make sure nobody has added them after I submitted the memorial. The exception is cenotaphs – if a memorial headstone has been added where the person isn’t buried, cenotaphs are allowed. You notify Find-A-Grave it is a cenotaph. They designate it as such. My first experience with a cenotaph was a World War II sailor who went down with the ship. He has a local cenotaph in the area.

The odd cases are where a limb, usually arm or leg, has a separate burial location. For example, the limb was buried several years before the person died. There’s a case where the limb was buried several years before the man died. He’s buried in the plot next to the limb. I know of one case where a general had an arm buried in one cemetery and the rest of him was buried elsewhere.

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