Would You Make These Recipes from 100 Years Ago? – MyHeritage July 13, 2021

I saw this on MyHeritage today – Would You Make These Recipes from 100 Years Ago? : https://blog.myheritage.com/2021/07/would-you-make-these-recipes-from-100-years-ago/. Slightly longer article.

by Esther July 13, 2021

Until just about a century ago, women had to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen to ensure that the family was fed. They didn’t have the conveniences we have today: supermarkets, pre-prepared ingredients, and imported fruits and vegetables. They often had to use ingredients they grew themselves, and when they did purchase goods, they had to visit separate stores: the butcher, the cheesemaker, the farmer, and so on.

Despite the difficulty of obtaining ingredients as compared to today, women were extremely creative and came up with many ways to prepare delicious food. Sharing recipes was as popular then as it is now; but instead of the food blogs and Instagram accounts they have today, 100 years ago, women would publish their recipes in local newspapers.


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