Newest Bundle of Holding – Yellow King Bundle – June 28, 2021

Newest Bundle of Holding Yellow King RPG Bundle Not familiar with the system, but here’s more information:

Through MONDAY, JULY 19 the new Yellow King RPG Bundle sends GUMSHOE investigators across four Carcosa-haunted timelines

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Through Monday, July 19 we present the Yellow King RPG Bundle, featuring the surreal supernatural game from Pelgrane Press, The Yellow King Roleplaying Game. Designed by Robin D. Laws (Cthulhu Confidential, The Esoterrorists) and funded in a June 2017 Kickstarter campaign, the brain-bending YKRPG uses the fast-playing “Quickshock” GUMSHOE system. Investigate the malign influence of Carcosa in mysteries of reality-changing horror across four different timelines inspired by the famous horror stories of Robert W. Chambers collected in The King in Yellow.

This bargain-priced offer brings you all four volumes of The Yellow King RPG; a 192-page compendium of stunning handouts, Absinthe in Carcosa; Kenneth Hite’s Annotated Edition of The King in YellowThe Yellow King Suite of six atmospheric music tracks by James Semple; and two volumes of Carcosan fiction by YKRPG designer Robin D. Laws: the alternate-history novel The Missing and the Lost and the story collection New Tales of the Yellow Sign.

Learn more about this offer, and where YKRPG stands among the many GUMSHOE system games, at the official Bundle of Holding blog, Beyond the Bundle.

This Yellow King RPG offer dies like songs the Hyades sing must die unheard, or maybe as tears unshed shall dry and die, in Lost Carcosa Monday, July 19.


Ten percent (after payment of gateway fees) will be donated to Care International:

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